Report Samples and Libraries

In addition to the reports that ship with Collect!, many sample reports are available for download as single files or as sample report libraries. These reports offer you professional results at the touch of your fingertips. Simply import them into your system and print. Collect! let's you customize each report to produce just what you need.

  • Make sure you select SAVE when presented with the File Download screen.
  • When the file is on your computer, you can proceed with importing it into Collect!.

How to Import a Report into Collect!

For your convenience, we have compiled all of our sample reports into several report libraries. If you are using the latest versions of Collect!, you can import each one of these libraries into your database, bringing in up to 50 samples at once.

Report Templates

View Report Samples


Report Libraries

Each link in this section begins the download of the particular report library indicated.

Collect! users can alternatively create a new report library and import the sample report library into it.

View a Training Video on creating a new report library in Collect! Or you can refer to Help topic, How To Create a New Report Library and then import the sample report library into your new library by referring to the Help topic, How To Import Reports.

Video - Creating a New Report Library

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