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CBR 7 Year Age Out List Version:SQL

This report will scan through all debtors with a listed date older than 7 years AND a payment date older than 7 years (6 years for the state of NY).

If you wish to have this customize to run differently (EX: based on Delinquency Date), please contact

On those debtors, it will look for a metro contact that has been previously reported and does not have the "Delete" Status Code.

This report will automatically change the CBR status to delete (DA).

Webinar Video:

NOTE: This version of the report is for users running Microsoft SQL Server and Collect! Version 12.7 or higher.

As accounts will age out each month, this utility can be run on a regular basis to keep your accounts current.

NOTE: This report uses the Listed Date as different sites can setup their processes differently. If you are using the Charged or Delinquent Date for your processing, please update the report code accordingly.


  1. Launch Report from Main Menu
  2. Run your credit reporting as normal.


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