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USA City and State by Zip

Purpose: Allows you to enter a Zip Code and have Collect! auto-fill the City and State.

Disclaimer: The data in this file is as of January 2020. As new Zip Codes are added, you will need to maintain the file yourself.

Requirements: Collect! Version 12.8.11 or higher

Supported Records: Client, Debtor, Debtor Cosigner, Operator


1. Extract the USZip.ctf file to your databasecontrol folder (EX: masterdbcontrol).
2. Open Collect! and navigate to the record that you want to attached the script to
3. Right-click the Zip field and go to Properties
4. In the control file field, fill in the file name with USZip.ctf, then click OK
5. Repeat for remaining record types (Debtor, Client, etc.).

NOTE: If you Zip field already has a control file associated with it, then you will need to add
      the new code manually. Open the existing file with a text editor, NOT Collect! and open
      the USZip.ctf with a text editor. Copy the text from USZip.ctf and paste it to the bottom
      of the existing control file.


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