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Collect! Web Host Version:9.5.2

Collect! Web Host

This is the web host package.

  • Collect! Web Host Core System
  • New Installations must be installed to a NEW directory. Do not attempt to install over your existing Collect! HTML folder!!!
  • This release is for Collect! version 12.7.11 or newer. If you are running 12.7.10 or earlier, please contact us for the installer.

Upgrading from Web Host Version 7.2.3 or earlier?

If you are upgrading from 7.2.3 or earlier, the 'Debtor' and 'Work in Progress' Menus will disappear as they are now controllable via the User Level screen. To enable them, sign in as a user level 10 and edit the User Levels that you want to have access to these menus.

Installation Instructions

  1. Copy and Paste your exiting MASTERDB/HTML folder (or whichever "database" you are using)
  2. Delete all folders in the HTML folder, except the "db" folder
  3. Unzip the contents from this ZIP file in to your database/HTML  folder
  4. If this is a new installation of web host, run the html/db_files/webhost_schema.bat file.
    NOTE: Executing this query is only needed for the first installation, not for an update.
  5. Open the guest/index.html file with a text or HTML editor and update the company information to match your information
  6. Sign into Collect! through the standard interface, NOT the Web Host interface
  7. Select the masterdb_w import library ( (you may need to contact us if you are not licensed for the import/export module)
  8. Go to File > Import/Export > Customize Import/Export > Edit File Format
  9. Delete all Imports Maps
  10. Load the new imports from imports.xml in the new html/db_files folder (
  11. Select the masterdb_w report library (
  12. Go to Print > Customize Printing > Edit Report Templates
  13. Delete all Reports
  14. Import the new reports from reports.rpt in the new html/db_files folder (
  15. Start the Web Host using and ID with a user level of 1 or 10


This installation does not automatically carry any client customizations with it. If you have customized your web host do not use this installation without consultation with Comtech or your own technicians.
NOTE: Files from the following folders that have been customized can be copied from the old HTML folder to the new HTML folder. Customizations should be limited to the following:
     - CSS (collect_user.css)
     - images (logo)
     - language files
     - select files
     - print files


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