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Collect! Version 12 Installer & Patch Version:12.10.7

Collect! Version 12 Installer and Patch

This is the installer is for a New Installation, an upgrade from a previous version of Collect!, or a patch to the current release of Collect!. This should not be used for patching a prior release of Collect!.

  • Collect! Core System
  • New Installations must be installed to a NEW directory. Do not attempt to install over your existing Collect! folder!!!
  • If you are upgrading from a Collect! Version 11 or earlier database, please follow the upgrade instructions, not the Patch.

Available options in this Installer:

  • Server Installation: To be used for New installation or upgrading from Version 11.3 or earlier. See How to Upgrade Collect!
  • Client Installation: This is an optional installation for added security. See How to Install the Collect! Client
  • Server Patch: To be used for updating your Collect! Server installation.
  • Client Patch: To be used for updating your Collect! Client installation.
  • 11.4+ Server Patch: To be used for upgrading from Version 11 Collect! Server installation Version 11.4 or higher.
  • 11.4+ Client Patch: To be used for upgrading your Collect! Client installation for version 11.


Are you coming from 12.4 or lower?

12.5 contains 3 significant changes:

  1. The Database Connection is now managed at a domain level, so in order to connect to the server, you need to make sure that SQL server has the account for 'BUILTINUsers' added and the server role set to sysadmin. Optionally, you can setup your own accounts and database security.
  2. The Log Files, including CBR have been moved out of the bin folder and into the CollectLog Files folder.
  3. Notes are no longer stored as binary text. They are now stored as individual records.

For all of the above reasons, you need to take a FULL backup of the Collect! folder and databases before applying the patch.

You also need to ensure that SQL server is configured properly so your users can sign in.

Web Host

If you are using web host, and you plan to use column encryption, you will need to update to the latest version of web host found here.

This download contains the Collect! system plus access to the most up-to-date online Help. File size requires a fast (Cable modem, DSL or ISDN) internet connection.


Installation Instructions for a Patch

NOTE: To apply this patch, you must sign on as a user with Administrative Privileges on the Server.

It is recommended that you have a recent backup of your Collect! system prior to any upgrade procedure.

On Computer that you are Patching:

  1. Ensure you have an operator in your database at User Level 99 and you know their password (user 99 exists by default)
  2. Ensure all users are logged out of Collect!. If you are UNSURE that all users are off, then see the section below on checking for open files. If you are still unsure, then reboot your server.
  3. Run the collect_12.x.x.x.exe on your server or workstation that you are patching.
  4. When prompted, select the applicable patch (Server/Client) that you are running and follow the prompts to direct it to your Collect! installation (for example, C -> CV12).
  5. On your SERVER, start your cv12.exe, click login, and Select START to sign into your MASTERDB database. Collect! will rebuild your lists.
  6. When the login form appears, you can either click cancel and proceed to next step or sign in with an ID that has a user level of 99. Do NOT sign in with a user level other than 99 until all databases are updated.
  7. Sign into all other databases that you use.
  8. From the menus at the top, select Help - About and confirm that you are now on the correct version.

Applying an upgrade patch may fail if your Server's O/S is holding onto sessions and files. Please ensure that all sessions and files are closed.
To ensure that all sessions and files are close, Reboot your actual server before continuing with patch instructions. Or, if you can:

  1. Right click the Start Menu or go to Windows Search and look for Computer Management.
  2. In the left pane, select Shared Folders.
  3. In the sub-menu, select Open Files and review for any files open in Collect folder. EX: CV12 -> bin -> ***
  4. Highlight the files and and select Close Open Files.
  5. Refresh the screen.
  6. If users are still holding on to files, then you can disable the network share, close the open files, apply the patch, then enable the network share.


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