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User Level 15 - Admin & Client Services

*******This Query is for 12.8 and higher.*******

  This user level has been created to fit the job
  description of anyone who is tasked in any of the
  following areas:

  • New business entry - manual or import
  • New client entry or edit of existing clients
  • Batch Processing - all types
  • System Recalcs
  • Posting, editing, deleting client transactions
  • Posting, editing, deleting debtor transactions
  • Outputting daily letters / internal reports
  • Clerical tasks as requested from the collection floor / they will be able to access a WIP list
  • Executing Monthend, printing checks, invoice/statements & month-end reports
  • Outputting credit bureau METRO2 files

  This level is more robust than 20, 80, 85 or 90
  for users with job titles such as Office Manager,
  Accounting Manager or Staff & Data Entry, allowing
  more of what is needed and removing that which is not.

  This user level does NOT have the ability to:

  • access to global system settings or any module setup windows
  • delete notes in clients or debtors
  • edit or delete coded reports in the Print Menu
  • edit or delete coded imports in the File Menu
  • access to edit the scheduled events or start the scheduler
  • access Comtech documentation meant for management/system administrators from the Help menu
  • delete debtors
  • delete clients

Running the Query

  1. Open Management Studio (SSMS).
  2. Create a new query and ensure that the correct database is selected.
  3. Copy this file into the query.
  4. Optional: Change the @UserLevel variable to reflect the number that you want.
  5. Run the query.


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