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Client Access Web Data Export Version:SQL

This package contains SQL scripts that you can use to add
and update account information to be placed on the CAW
portal. You can run or schedule this script on a regular basis,
and then follow the steps provided in the Client Access Web
manual to transfer the resulting data file from Collect! to CAW. Instructional readme included.

This is the SQL Version.

Changed at

2019-06-04 22:40:46
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Merge Group IDs Version:SQL

This report will merge 2 groups together.

Run the report from the Main Menu. When run, it will prompt you for the OLD and NEW group IDs that you want to merge together, then it will execute the merge.

NOTE: This version of the report is for users running Microsoft SQL Server.

Changed at

2018-06-11 22:16:57
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CBR 7 Year Age Out List Version:SQL

This report will scan through all debtors with a listed date older than 7 years AND a payment date older than 7 years (6 years for the state of NY).

If you wish to have this customize to run differently (EX: based on Delinquency Date), please contact

On those debtors, it will look for a metro contact that has been previously reported and does not have the "Delete" Status Code.

This report will automatically change the CBR status to delete (DA).

Webinar Video:

NOTE: This version of the report is for users running Microsoft SQL Server and Collect! Version 12.7 or higher.

Changed at

2019-03-15 16:44:55
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CBR 7 Year Age Out List Version:RDS

This report will scan through all debtors with a listed date older than 7 years AND a payment date older than 7 years.

On those debtors, it will look for a metro contact that has been previously reported and does not have the "Delete" Status Code.

This report will leave you with a tagged list of accounts that can go through the batch process for preparing accounts for the bureau to set the status to delete.

Webinar Video:

Changed at

2019-02-06 21:29:26
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Operator Assignment After Batch Grouping

This utility assigns an operator to accounts using the first active group member it finds.

Changed at

2015-08-20 20:44:59
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Add Commission to Owing

This report will run a contact plan to create a 399 fee on the debtor.
This is set to mimic the "Add Commission to Owing" funcitonality, but able to run after an import.
This Utility creates a 399 transaction, then take the Debtor Principal amount and multiplies by the Debtor Rate field and fill the 399 transaction it just created.

Changed at

2015-08-12 16:10:45
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Group Notes - Cascading and Share Notes Tab

Use this utility writeback report to set your existing grouped debtor accounts to have the following switches ON:

a)  Cascade Notes
b)  Share Notes
c)  Prevent Cascade When Closed

If you do not wish to turn on the Prevent Cascade when Closed switch, comment out the Edit line in the writeback which addresses the field called @gms.pcwc OR contact Tech Services for assistance with this.

Shared Notes is a consolidated Note tab that contains all notes from all files in 1 view.  The switch to turn this on is not presently a default switch that can be set permanently.

To turn this on for accounts being assigned going forward, add a level to your NEW contact plan as per the attached screenshot to edit the 'group member setting' field. 

In order for this to be effective, your grouping would need to be run BEFORE the accounts are treated by this edit.

If you ordinarily run grouping AFTER you run your NEW contact plan for custom site reasons, then create a standalone/single event contact plan with the event as shown to be run after you do complete batch Group Accounts processing.

This utility can be customized to enable only Cascade Notes or only the Shared Notes tab depending on your preference.

Changed at

2015-02-27 22:35:20
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Set/Update Tax Rates Across Your System

This write-back report utility updates all clients and debtors to a tax rate. It also sets the tax to calculate on payments to principal only.

This works on any future payments posted. It does not alter historical data.

This is useful if you have to change tax rate on a specific date. Once you run this report any future payments posted will have the new tax rate applied.

Information about how Tax rates can be managed in Collect is shown below:



To use this utility please do the following:

  1. Download the report and place it into a location you can find for the next step.
  2. Import the report into your Collect! system.
  3. Edit the report and change the tax rate to your rate. You may also consider changing the options settings. Currently it is set to only tax payments to principal.

    Other options are available but are beyond the scope of this article. More information is available here:
  4. Run the report
  5. Test the results
    1. Spot-check clients and debtors to be sure it has done what you expected.
    2. Post some trial payments, fees, adjustments and other financial transactions to be sure it is behaving the way you expect.

Changed at

2013-08-01 23:18:18
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GST/HST Tax Update Report

The GST/HST Tax Update report will update tax calculations for your British Columbia and Prince Edward Island clients. All clients, debtors and pertinent transactions will be updated when you run the report. Readme with important instructions included.
*** NOTE: This widget is for CV11.***

Changed at

2013-03-12 17:54:21
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Find Fix 195 Judgement Interest Transactions

This package contains two reports that may be used when upgrading to Collect! Version 11.4 or newer, if you have posted several 195 interest transactions to your Judgement accounts. This corrects the calculation of Interest on Judgement accounts with multiple interest transactions. It is necessary to use a different type because the 195 is a special reserved transaction type for the original Judgement Interest posted along with the Judgement Principal. The package also contains a Readme with details and instructions.
*** NOTE: This report works with all Collect! Version 11 and newer systems.***

Changed at

2012-11-23 00:05:49
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