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Debtor Email Popup to Include Cosigner Emails

This control file will pop up asking you if you want to include Cosigner emails when emailing a debtor.
It will also prompt if you only want to email Cosigners instead of the debtor.


  • Debtor and Cosigners must have valid email addresses.

Changed at

2015-06-10 16:15:58
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Statute of Limitations Pop Up by State

This script can be added to the Debtor Form Control File.
It will compare the Charged date to Today's date and check to see if the account has passed the statute of limitations.
If it does, then it will pop up a message that the Statute of Limitations has exceeded and it will change the color some Fields.
DISCLAIMER: The number of days for each state below is based on data available in April 2015.
            It is your responsibility to ensure that the number of days is current.

NOTE: If you have an existing control file what a variable declared that contains the value "@d",
      some modifications will need to be made. See CTF file for further details.


1) Open Collect!
2) Go to the Top Menu > System > Rights > Access Rights
3) Bring up the Access Rights for the Debtor Form (003000)
4) Open the Control File box
5) Copy and paste the code from this ZIP file to the bottom of the Debtor Form Control File box
6) Make any edits as needed
7) Save/Close the Control File box
8) Close the Access Rights Window
9) Changes will take effect after Collect! is closed and reopened

Changed at

2015-04-30 22:25:20
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Format Phone Fields

These control files will format or mask the Home, POE, Cell, and Other phone fields on the Debtor form into the xxx-xxx-xxxx format.

It is not setup to format the phone numbers on the Phone tab, but can be adapted to do so.

For the following formats, you can edit the control files or contact us for customization:

  • xxx xxx xxxx
  • (xxx) xxx-xxxx

A Readme is included with instructions for attaching the control file to the phone fields.


  • At present, when you enter the number as xxxxxxxxxx, Collect! will reformat to xxx-xxx-xxxx, but Collect! will not scan your database to see if the phone number already exists in your system for account matching.
  • This only works for new numbers that are manually entered. The format will not apply to existing numbers in your system or phone numbers that are imported. Your import maps can be customized to format the phone numbers.

Changed at

2014-08-15 17:12:57
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Legal Popup Message

This control file will popup a message on an account alerting staff in regards to a legal disposition. A Readme is included with instructions for attaching the control file to the Debtor form.

Changed at

2012-11-22 23:59:36
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