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User Level 15 - Admin & Client Services

*******This Query is for 12.8 and higher.*******

  This user level has been created to fit the job
  description of anyone who is tasked in any of the
  following areas:

  • New business entry - manual or import
  • New client entry or edit of existing clients
  • Batch Processing - all types
  • System Recalcs
  • Posting, editing, deleting client transactions
  • Posting, editing, deleting debtor transactions
  • Outputting daily letters / internal reports
  • Clerical tasks as requested from the collection floor / they will be able to access a WIP list
  • Executing Monthend, printing checks, invoice/statements & month-end reports
  • Outputting credit bureau METRO2 files

  This level is more robust than 20, 80, 85 or 90
  for users with job titles such as Office Manager,
  Accounting Manager or Staff & Data Entry, allowing
  more of what is needed and removing that which is not.

  This user level does NOT have the ability to:

  • access to global system settings or any module setup windows
  • delete notes in clients or debtors
  • edit or delete coded reports in the Print Menu
  • edit or delete coded imports in the File Menu
  • access to edit the scheduled events or start the scheduler
  • access Comtech documentation meant for management/system administrators from the Help menu
  • delete debtors
  • delete clients

Running the Query

  1. Open Management Studio (SSMS).
  2. Create a new query and ensure that the correct database is selected.
  3. Copy this file into the query.
  4. Optional: Change the @UserLevel variable to reflect the number that you want.
  5. Run the query.

Changed at

2019-08-27 16:16:13
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Enable Keys

This is an SQL script for ODBC users of CV11. You can use this script to enable the indexes in your databases. This will speed up SQL queries when using WHERE clauses. There is also a Readme included with steps to use the script and to modify the script, if needed.

Changed at

2012-11-23 00:01:27
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