Collect! Software Downloads for CV11

Please note that Collect! Version 11.4 featured a new database engine. This is the same database engine used in Collect! Version 11.6. Therefore, all upgrades from Collect! Version 11.3 and older require a full upgrade to the new database engine. The upgrade procedure is very simple. Collect! Version 11.6 has an automated upgrade process. It only takes one-click to get it started and any version of Collect! from Collect! Version 11.3 and older can be upgraded.

Upgrades from Collect! Version 11.4 or later to Collect! Version 11.6 only require a patch, since the database engine is the same. Please download the patch below or request assistance from Member Services if you are not sure what to do.

Your Collect! Membership must be in good standing before upgrading your Collect! installation. Should your membership have lapsed, please contact us before attempting to upgrade Collect!, as older version licenses are not brought across when you do a full upgrade to Collect! Version 11.6.

Easy Automated Upgrade instructions for each Collect! version are available here: Upgrading Your Collect!

With every new release, Collect! enhances your operating experience, enabling you to perform more functions easier and more efficiently. We listen to our users and build new features into Collect! every day based on your valuable feedback.

If you are still using Collect! Version 8 or Collect! Version 10, you will be happy to discover how significantly Collect! Version 11 enhances performance. Collect! Version 11's database engine and functions increase speed dramatically in many areas.

Below are the links to the Current Release and Previous Release. At each link, you will find 3 files. Please use the one that is applicable to you.

  • Server Patch: This is the server installation update for users running Version 11.4 or newer.
  • Client Patch: This is the client installation update for users using the Client Installation on Version 11.4 or newer.
  • Full Download: This is the full installation for upgrading Collect! if you are running 11.3 or older. Do not install this over an existing Collect! installation. Please follow the instructions for upgrading here:


Click here to download the applicable file for the Current Release.

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