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Posted by on 08 August 2012 04:52 PM
Q. I'm running Collect 11! in a windows 7 virtual machine and getting odd behavior when trying to edit a report. When I start a new report, and click in the window to edit it I'm able to edit the report, but none of the buttons 
or controls within Collect! work after. Each time I click on something I get a default Windows ding. Even the Close window button doesn't respond. A. Collect! will allow you to view accounts when your disk space is low, but as soon as you try to write anything, it will not respond. If your messaging is set to normal, you will get a message that you do not have enough free
disk space. The minimum space requirement is set in the catalog\rdmserver.ini in the MinFreeDiskSpace setting. It is set at 15 GB. It is not recommended to try running Collect! with any less free space on your drive.
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