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Speeding up Reports by using Indexed Fields
Posted by Linda on 15 July 2011 12:47 PM
Q: Is there any way of making my reports run faster. Some of them take hours!

A: There are several things that can make your reports run slow but one of the central issues is "indexed fields." If you have WHERE clauses in your reports, you should always try to include an indexed field.

*** TIP: Press F6 to bring up the Edit Search Criteria when you are viewing any list - like Clients, Debtors, Contacts, Transactions. The indexed fields are listed at the top of the Edit Search Criteria screen preceded by a '#" sign.

You can include an indexed field even if you don't need to output data from that field. It will still speed up your report.

For example,

A report initially just looked for WHERE (@mi.s8 = 1)

@de not total WHERE ( @mi.s8 = 1 )
some data.....

But by changing this to WHERE ( = 1 .. 9999999 ) WHERE (@mi.s8 = 1)

@de not total WHERE ( = 1 .. 9999999 ) WHERE (@mi.s8 = 1)
some data.....

The report went much faster AND sorted the output by the Debtor File Number.
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