Copy Access Levels
Posted by Linda on 06 December 2010 09:50 AM

Is there a way to copy an access level from one database to another within Collect? We are pushing our outsource partners onto our system so we can track what they are doing and aid in their performance and production. Every time we set up a new partner agency the access levels we use have to be created from scratch and it takes days to do.


Although you cannot copy and paste individual user levels, you can safely replace the nxuser files in a database with others.

I recommend making a "template" database - a new empty database that you always start with.

1.) Take the nxuser files from the database that has all your levels set up and paste them into your template. You can go into it and remove all the operators you don't want to be in that system.

2.) Then whenever you need a new database, create one the usual way and copy your whole template into that.

3.) Keep your template clean for use again and again. You can even upgrade it as needed to keep it current.

It you need to replace the nxuser files again, start from step 1.

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