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Getting your Operators Up and Running Quickly
Posted by Linda, Last modified by on 30 January 2009 12:08 PM
If you are a system administrator setting up Collect!, you will want to ensure that your Operators are set up correctly so that they can get right to work while you move on to other setup areas. Here are some tips for making sure operator setup is a smooth process.

1. Sign in as a real operator on your system for each user level that you are using.

2. Step through working an account or whatever they would do normally. For instance, work an account from WIP List or select items from the top menu if they are managers, perhaps.

3. Confirm that each operator can see what they need and that they are restricted where you want restrictions. Of course, you may need to make some adjustments later, but glaring faults should show up immediately if there are any.

4. If changes need to be made, write them all down. Don't attempt to make the changes while you are examining each level.

5. Set aside a time when you can sign in with EXCLUSIVE mode as a level 99 operator to make the changes, rebuild the access rights and commit the changes.

*** TIP: You must have the passwords for your operators and you must also be able to sign in as level 99 to make changes.

Don't try to cut corners by skipping the important steps of checking out each level that you use. This will really pay off later when your operators are happily doing their work while you attend to other matters.
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