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Experian Online Batch Reporting
Posted by Simon on 31 December 2008 11:49 AM
Error: Incorrect Batch ID & Record Length Error, Batch ID error (missing spaces) and an incorrect record length and increased record length due to a new segment being added.

Sample batch ID's for Experian
–CCZ ADBC 0710 (dashCCZspaceADBCspace0710) For a zipped, fixed block file.
–CCU 0943 1500 V (dashCCUspace0943space1500spaceV) For an unzipped variable length file.

If the record length changes due to the addition of data on a Debtor form, such as multiple cosigners to be reported, the RDW/record length must match the report generated before it is submitted.

One way to confirm the correct record length to use in your Batch ID is to open the CBR file that Collect! generates. This will open in “Notepad”as an ASCII text file. Look at the first four digits in the record. Those four digits are your record length.
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