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Install Collect! for the First Time
Posted by Linda on 03 February 2007 06:52 AM

Installing CV11 is very easy if a few basic requirements are already in place. First, you need to simply install your version of Collect!. If you are the only person who will be signing into the Demo, you can simply install it on your workstation. If you want other people in your office to access the Demo, you will need to install it on your server with the following requirements.

You Must Be On The Server!

* Your network must use TCP/IP Protocol.

* Your server must have a static IP address.

* If you downloaded the CV11 installation file from our FTP site, you have copied it to the Desktop on your server.

We will take three basic steps to install and set up Collect!

1. Unzip the CV11 installation file.
2. Install the software.
3. Start Collect! on your Server to let it set itself up.

This document provides you with detailed instructions and tips for successful installation and setup.

Installing Collect! On The Server

1. If you downloaded the CV11 installation file, double-click the CV11 installation icon on your Desktop. This will begin the installation wizard and in a moment the installation window will appear.

2. Installation begins. You will see the Welcome window. Select NEXT to continue. The License Agreement asks you to read and be aware of the terms within the End User's License Agreement. Select "I accept the terms of the license agreement" and then select NEXT to continue if you agree to the terms of use.

3. The Setup Type screen is displayed. If you accept the default settings, the Complete installation will be installed to the default directory, C:\CV11. Select NEXT to proceed.

Select Custom ONLY if you need to change the directory that you are installing to. This will take you to a few screens where you can customize your selections.

*** CUSTOM ONLY: The Choose Destination Location dialog allows you to set the path where you want to install the software. We recommend using the default path that is displayed, (i.e. C:\CV11) It will be easier for your technical staff and our technical support personnel if you install to a root drive. Please DO NOT install the software to the Program Files folder! It is important to know where you are installing Collect!. Select the CHANGE button to select a new path. Select NEXT to continue.

4. The Select Program Folder dialog displays a default folder for the Collect! program icons. We recommend accepting the default Collect! 11. Select NEXT to continue.

5. The Start Copying Files screen lists the details of your selections. If you are satisfied, select NEXT to begin the installation and copying of files.

The software is now being installed to your computer. This may take a few minutes. Sometimes certain phases appear not to be moving, but be patient, things are happening. When the installation has completed copying files, the Installation Wizard will inform you.

6. Setup Complete. Setup will tell you when it is finished installing Collect!. Please select "I would like to view the README file." This file is for technical personnel.

7. Select the FINISH button and the Readme.txt will open in your default text editor for your review. Close your text editor after viewing the Readme.txt and the installation is complete.

8. Program Icons. After Collect! is installed, you will notice that the installer created program icons on your Desktop and in the Start Menu program folder for Collect!

Icons are installed on your Desktop for the CV11 program and the CV11 Web Host. Additional icons are also installed in the Start menu Collect! 11 program folder. Two extra icons are installed for Demo demonstrations of the program and there is an icon for the CV11 Server and the CV11 Admin tool.

Now you can start Collect!. Follow the instructions below to configure your new installation.

Server Startup

You MUST be on the Server for these steps to work without surprises.

1. Double-click the light blue CV11 icon labeled CV11 to start the Collect! program for the first time.

2. Collect! will display the splash screen. Accept the default ID and Password, OWN and own. Select OK.

3. IP Address. When Collect! starts for the first time, it will search for your IP address and register it with the CV11 Server. The CV11 Server will start. You will see the rds.exe minimized in your Windows Taskbar.

4. Collect! will ask you for your Company Name and your Name, in two separate prompts. This information is displayed in the splash screen from now on whenever you open Collect!.

5. Setup Checklist. The Setup Checklist is displayed. Please bookmark and print this for future reference. You will want to use it to set up the various areas of Collect!. Close your browser to see the Welcome to Collect! screen.

6. Sign On. Select START to sign into Collect!'s DEMO database and have a look around. We have set up the Demo to show you many features of the Collect! program. Press F1 for help information on the current screen you are looking at.

CV11 On Your Workstations

Now you are ready to set up access to Collect! on your workstations. Please refer to Basic Networking For Using Collect! for helpful information and details. The steps in this document are ideal for most sites.

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