Report as Credit Grantor
Posted by Linda, Last modified by on 04 September 2008 03:29 PM
When you report credit as a credit grantor, Collect! manages several Metro 2 Account Statuses automatically:

11 - Current account
13 - Paid in full
71 - 30 days
78 - 60 days
80 - 90 days
82 - 120 days
83 - 150 days
84 - 180 days

If you select any other Account Status, such as 93 - Seriously past due, Collect! will not update the account even when it is Paid in Full. Rather, you will be prompted to visit the account and update the status yourself. Sometimes 93 - Seriously past due, a basic Collection Agency status, gets "stuck" in your settings if you are switching credit grantor off and on. So you may have an account showing the basic Collection Agency setup in the Credit Report Details, instead of the setup appropriate for your Credit Grantor settings. Please refer to help topic, for more details.
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