Matching Accounts Totals
Posted by Linda, Last modified by on 09 July 2008 05:23 PM
Question: I am trying to print totals in my letters to Grouped Debtors. Can you help?

Answer: You can use the value @ma.ow in your Debtor letter. When Collect! encounters this during the Scheduled Letter Batch, it will calculate the totals for the grouped debtor. You must make sure that you RECALC your Debtors before you run your letter batch so that the Owing amounts are current for each Debtor.

Bear in mind that @ma.ow is a RAM value. That means it is not stored in the Debtor record. It is calcualated on the fly. It requires that all the Debtors who will be calculated have
correct owing amounts or it can't work.

So after you RECALC, all the debtors now have correct Owing. You call @ma.ow in a letter in a batch. At that very moment, Collect! calculates the @ma.ow or Group Total Owing.

This code also works inside a debtor loop in cv11.2.15.2 and later.
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