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30/60/90 Days
Posted by Linda on 28 March 2008 07:41 PM
How are the 30/60/90 fields populated on the Debtor form?

Quite simply, 30/60/90 is tied into preamortized interest. If you have that set up and you see a date in the "Next" field for the Debtor, then switching ON "Show 30/60/90" in Principal Detail will show you the values in those fields based on the payment schedule for the loan.

If you are a credit grantor and that is switched ON in Company Detail, you also see "To Bring Acct to Current" in the notes whenever you RECALC the debtor.

If you are reporting to credit bureaus as credit grantor, the 30/60/90 values are also used to set the status of the account for reporting.
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