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Splitting Commission
Posted by Linda on 05 December 2007 05:44 PM
I want to post a $100 payment with 28% commission calculated for the operator and 2% that is not calcuated for the operator. The 2% is 100% for the agency. How can I split this up when I post the payment? Is there a transaction code I can use?
There are several steps to this.
You have a $100 payment. You post a transaction. You calculate a commission. The client pays you the commission. That is one step.

You take that commission. You divide it according to your company plans. At this point, the debtor and the client are no longer involved. There is no "Transaction" posted. This is the second step.

When you speak of a "transaction code" you are talking about the first part - posting the payment.

Setting aside 2% before you calculate the operator's commission would probably require a report. Right now, Collect! has sample reports that calculate the operator commissions. These are based on the total agency commission posted (taken) in the transaction and the percentage set for the collector, either in the Operator form, or some other way that you have determined.

So, however your agency calculates commission for collectors, that is where we need to do some work to take off the 2% before you calculate the commission for the collector.

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