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Month End Error: 'The report is empty'
Posted by Fritz Schulze on 09 August 2007 03:35 AM
Collect! databases ship by default with reports named Statement, GStatement, Check and GCheck. These are the standard reports the system uses for printing month end data.

If those reports suddenly don't work for you then someone has been modifying your reports, or you've had a serious hard drive corruption or similar bad event blow the reports away. You must ask yourself who in your office could have modified those reports.
In CV11 just Right click your mouse over any gray background area on the Report Definition form and choose Statistics from the menu to see who created and who last edited any record.

Option 1: As a first alternative, I'd think back to when your statements last printed properly, and I'd restore your report database from that time. I would do that because whoever messed with basic reports like your statement and check reports might have messed up other reports.

Option 2: Failing a restore from an older backup then you should delete the empty reports, go onto the member's site and download the appropriate reports and then import them into Collect!

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