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I can't edit the Commission Rate
Posted by Fritz Schulze on 09 August 2007 03:08 AM
Typically you either set a fixed commission rate or you use a commission rate plan. I'm not aware of anyone using both simultaneously.

When you use commision rate plan it disables you from editing the Rate 1 field because the rate plan uses that field when it selects the appropriate rate for the account. You can create your own, or modify the existing commission rate plans. Please see for more information.

When you make the rate plan field blank you will find you can edit the Rate 1 field. When you use a fixed commission rate on the debtor simply type the percentage rate into the debtor Rate field and set the check marks on the payment components the commission should apply to.

Test your commission rate settings by posting payments on test accounts before going live with any rate plans and settings.

Fritz Schulze
Comtech Systems Inc.
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