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Commercial Debt Reporting
Posted by Linda, Last modified by Fritz Schulze on 10 July 2007 11:04 PM
TRANS UNION does NOT accept commercial debt reporting. It is for Consumer Reporting ONLY.

EXPERIAN has a few requirements for Commercial Debt reporting:

1. Business Name is entered in the Name field in Collect!
2. ECOA code is Business/Commercial
3. K1 segment details are ignored

Although Collect! includes Client information in Collection Agency reporting (this is the K1 segment), Experian actually ignores this information. It must be sent by default in Collect! as part of the Metro 2 requirements.

Commercial Debt customers often complain that there are no values in the Client Type pick list that apply to them. Since this is not used in Commercial Debt reporting, we can add a value to the end of the pick list FOR COMMERCIAL DEBT ONLY!!! Just add the value Business/Commercial as a choice in your pick list on that field this should satisfy the requirement.

In every other way, Commercial Debt reporting is simply standard Metro 2 format. At this time, there is no actual standard for reporting commercial debt.

We have also seen various custom formats sent for commercial reporting.
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