Credit History Requests and Reports
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CBR reports: I am aware to some extent Collect! deals with credit Bureau reporting, the question is can complete credit histories for debtor be retrieved from Experian and held in Collect! for viewing by the collector? If so how is this done? *Note there has been some confusion in the past with concerns to the difference between credit reporting and the Credit History report obtainable from the 3 major agencies. The Credit History I speak of is the complete report listing all credit activities on the individual's History report as provided BY not TO the 3 major agencies.

In Collect!, we call this a "CBR Pull." It is demonstrated in the Demonstration database. This process has two parts: the file you receive from the credit bureau with the credit history, and the import map that Collect! uses to read this file and attach the information to the debtor's account. Import maps depend on the layout of the incoming file. We have used actual credit history files from the three major credit bureaus to create the import maps. Samples of the credit history files are shipped with Collect!. If the layout of the credit history you receive is different from the maps we have already provided, then it will be necessary to modify the import maps to match the new layout.

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Can individual Credit History reports be requested from Experian using Collect!?

This is certainly possible using Collect!'s report writer. You can create a report that
pulls from Collect! all the information, in the format you need, to create your credit
history request.

There is a sample in the Demonstration database where running the Modern
Payments (automatic check clearing) report automatically links you to the web
site where this information is processed. It is very likely that this same sort of
functionality could be used to submit your credit history request.

[In the Modern Payments sample, all that they requires is a client ID and data
submitted in a certain format. We ship a specially coded HTML page that opens
their upload site. This is only one example of generating a report in Collect!
and automatically opening the upload site.]

*** NOTE: Often users think that Collect! automatically uploads files to the credit
bureau when reporting credit. This is not true. We simply create the file and you
upload it yourself as prescribed in your contract with the credit bureau.
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