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Collect! Overview
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1. Designed for
Collect! is a true receivables management system. It can be used by many different types of businesses to manage their receivables. We have 3rd party, 1st party, legal collections, debt buyers, property management firms and more all using Collect! today.

2. Platforms

Windows platform required Win 2K and up. We also work on the new Windows Vista 32 bit O/S. Our Web Host component requires the IE web browser.

3. Evaluation

During your review of multiple systems, and while doing evaluations, be sure to find out how the company whose product you are reviewing does business. Do they work the way you need them to? Do they have the support or consulting services that you require as a business? You are best served if you define what your needs are and then see if the company can help you reach your business goals. Ask yourself, “Is this solution capable of handling my needs today and also able to manage my growth strategy?” Any solution you choose must be cost-effective, powerful and easy for your operators to use.

4. Capabilities

Flexible and comprehensive, Collect!’s feature set benefits you. Whatever the size of your business, you can customize Collect! for profitable, professional results.

Fully Featured Contact Management and Financial Management System

Layout and implement collection strategies according to your business model. Allocate or forward accounts to work queues automatically or individually. Track and schedule communication with related internal and external parties. Maintain a complete contact history.

Calculate complex or simple interest and amortization. Generate and print
statements and checks. Post transactions and payments in a fully integrated system.
Define your own payment allocations and breakdown. Post billings and fees to be charged on specific dates.

Multi-level System Security

Secure your operations based on Operator Level and Type. Collect! has 13 predefined operator levels for you to modify or you may create your own.

Reports and Letters

Dozens of reports are available in the system and you can create your own. Track and print collector commissions earned. Quick print details on any list or form. Collect!’s flexible fast report editor pulls information from any field.

Print to printer, file, email, browser, spreadsheet. Build reports in XML, HTML, RTF, or CSV fixed length files. Batch print letters, labels and envelopes. Mail merge to Word and Open Office. Use ODBC/SQL interface for Crystal Reports or your own reporting system.

Batch Processing and Searching

Import and Export volumes of accounts. Set status, post transactions and schedule next action in a batch. Search database by name, phone, action, status, listed date. Process changes to account information in a batch. Query the database with your selected criteria. Link accounts on import, in a batch or at will with user-definable account matching criteria.

Context-sensitive Help System

Online, hyper-linked browser based Help available everywhere in the system with F1. Training video library available online for customers with a support contract or purchasable on a CD for those who do not have a current support contract.

Multi Language and Currency

Track accounts in the currency of your choice. Different currencies may be used for different accounts if needed. Set up custom field labels even in a foreign language.

Database and Environment

ODBC/SQL integrates with Crystal Reports and other reporting systems. Transaction change history enables you to examine changes to records and reverse changes if needed.
Account archiving removes old accounts from your active database.

Web Access

Easy to set up web server with integrated SSL security. Internet access for clients, administrators, collectors and management. Internet access to data entry, financials, reports and notes. PDA and WAP support.

A) Trust Accounting

Yes. You can easily post payments as needed using Collect!’s transaction codes. Design reports in Collect! to give you monthly trust totals and any other details you need. You can also print checks in Collect! for deposit and payment.

B) Word Processor Interface

Collect!’s Report Writer has its own built-in text editor. You can modify and design reports within Collect! or interface to your favorite word processor using RTF or DOT templates, DDE or even ODBC.

C) Imaging

Although you cannot scan documents through Collect!, you can attach any type of document as a file and open it as needed through Collect!. We also have a partner at who has a document scanning solution that will attach a scanned document right onto your debtor record.

D) Integration with Report Generators

Using RTF or DOT templates, DDE or ODBC, you can print data from Collect! in any word processor and in Crystal Reports or any other ODBC reporting tool.

E) Open Access

Collect! is fully ODBC compliant. PERL, SQL and JDBC can also be used to talk to the Collect! database. Collect! also comes with very strong importing and exporting capabilities built in.


Many EDI interfaces are accommodated through Collect! and we are adding more all the time. You can use the available samples or order a custom solution to fit your needs.

G) Partners

Credit bureaus, letter service bureaus, dialers, data exchanges, credit card and check clearing houses, skip tracers, and document imaging providers are among our partners. Many functions are built into Collect! and other services are designed as add-on modules or custom projects.

H) Web Based

Collect!'s Web Host provides state-of-the-art web access to your data. View your accounts while traveling, give your clients real time access to their information through their web browser, employ collectors and data entry clerks to work from home. Use any standard web browser, web enabled cell phone or PDA device. You have full control over the look and functionality of this sleek, innovative interface to your Collect! database.

5. Costs involved

Cost of an installed system varies significantly based on the volume and needs of each client. Please call to discuss specific pricing. 1-800-661-6722

6. Training and Support

Collect! is so user-friendly that many users often don't require full support. With tools like context sensitive HTML help available everywhere in the system and online training videos. With the Collect! help documentation, the answer is usually only “F1” away. Support packages are available and recommended. We have a helpful and knowledgeable support team. Consulting services and training are also available.

7. Remote work sites

Yes, TCP/IP connection to server. Web Host for access through web browser. Collect! also works with Citrix and terminal services as remote entry solutions. Some clients have even used simple solution such as a VPN with VNC on the desktop, or GoToMyPC type solutions.

8. Security

Sophisticated, fully customizable system for controlling user level access to all forms and fields. Data encrypted at rest and in transit. Built-in SSL capabilities for Web Host.

9. Active users

Over 1200 offices in 33 countries

10. User Group

Comtech does have an online users forum and is looking to improve our customer experience by further integrating our discussion forum into our support portal.

11. Copy of source code?

We are open to negotiation on this but have never sold our source to any previous clients.

12. Future

This is an interesting one. I think each answer reflects what the individual software provider sees as their future development areas. So the answer to this would be first of all to ask ourselves where OUR future is headed….

We look forward to developing products in the future that are both O/S independent and DB independent.
We see the need for easier remote desktop and website integration.
We plan to further enhance our international functionality for all languages and currencies.
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